Poster for the Earth & Science Sustainability Festival

1st Annual Earth and Science Sustainability Festival Patterson, CA

If you are looking for a great way to celebrate Earth Day, the first annual Earth and Science Sustainability Festival is being held Aril 28th 2018, in Patterson, CA. This festival is being put on to promote sustainability and how to live green to the k-12 kids at the local schools. The Earth and Science Sustainability Festival is taking place at North South Park in Patterson, starting at 10 AM – 2 PM. Stop by to learn about the importance of sustainability and ways to live greener, to keep the planet green and the water blue!

Events happening at the Earth & Science Sustainability Festival

Here at the Earth & Science Festival there will a be a ton of fun and education activates for people of all ages. There will be hands-on science activates being taught by scientists, teachers and students alike. Some of these activities will be 3-D Printing Lego building Computer coding Makers space Human body lessons Insects facts Many more! There will also be over thirty student booths that will be teaching about sustainability and playing games with a sustainability focus. These include Green Teams, learning booths, scavenger hunts, and relay races. There will also be face painting, tie-dying a big yellow slide a bounce house.   Along with lessons, there will also be a Trash Art Show contest where people create art by upcycling garbage, writing competition awards, and the Environmental Challenge student awards will be announced. There will also be a pet adoption to give some local animals a second chance at a happy home. If you are hungry, there will be local food vendors serving your favorite foods. Make sure to bring your trash and used goods! There will be free E-Waste Recycling for items like old computers and TVs, Thrift shops accepting donations of any old goods, and a beverage container recycling to help you get rid of excess plastic and glass. Proper disposal of these types of waste is essential to keep our planet green and our water blue. For more information contact or 209-605-6716. Stop by to learn about the importance of sustainability from over 30 student and organizational booths, and have a ton of fun doing it!
Child drawing of the earth sun and moon
Human girl child in a poppy seed patch